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The power of Community Kitchen and Self-support

The pandemic caused by Coronavirus has generated a lack of access to basic foods as well as the unemployment of millions of people. Unfortunately, this has mainly affected the most vulnerable ones of our country, by increasing the poverty rate.

What can we do to overcome this situation?

We believe that the answer encompasses many aspects, but one of them s to improve the access to different sources of foods for families. In Food for the Hungry Peru, together with our partners and participants of the livelihoods project, we have been working on strategies to improve food sources and increase the family incomes of thousands of people in Lima and Huancavelica. 

Our strategies seek to facilitate the access of foods to those families that have been affected by the pandemic, with the loss of their jobs, focusing on the food safety of our intervention communities.  

One of the actions was to continuously support more than 170 community kitchens in the districts of Villa María del Triunfo, San Juan de Miraflores and San Juan de Lurigancho, before this economic crisis, through food kits that contained big amounts of rice, lentils, chickpeas, noodles, steak, oats, among others, so that more than 9936 families could have access to food sources. 

At the same time, we trained over 500 families in Huancavelica on the planting of family gardens, raising chickens and guinea pigs. These trainings addressed breeding methods, breeding species selection criteria, food production, a seasonal calendar, among others. The purpose is that they can have their own sources of healthy food. 

Our actions seek to generate a holistic development in the members of the communities in our areas of intervention so that they strengthen their skills, and these can re-emerge, generating a positive impact on their environment. 

And last but not least, our work maintains a strong accompaniment and monitoring approach by our team, which allows us to know first-hand the impact that our actions are having on project participants. 

We continue to reaffirm our compromise with the most vulnerable people of our country. As a consequence, we will keep training and articulating our efforts to be able to generate access to healthy and nutritious food sources. 

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