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Take care of your health and that of your family

Covid-19 has unfortunately taken victims around the world and our country has been one of the most affected ones. Governments from different countries have taken measures to mitigate the number of infections due to this virus, however, not all those measures have given the expected results.

Is there a strategic solution to mitigate the coronavirus infection in my community or neighborhood?

The answer is Yes. They are called health contingency plans. Food for the Hungry has implemented these plans in the areas of intervention of Lima and Huancavelica, under the leadership and work of community leaders to mitigate the impact of the Coronavirus crisis, thus reducing possible infections at an early stage. 

The health contingency plans articulate organizational strategies elaborated from the knowledge and the attitude of those community members and local health actors, as responses to the prevention and assistance of the effects of Covid-19. 

We have promoted massive raising-awareness campaigns such as “Take care of your health and of that of your family” referring to the prevention of Covid-19, adopting some precautionary measures such as wearing a face mask, washing your hands, covering your mouth and nose with your bent elbow when coughing, ventilating your home well, avoiding crowds, respecting biosafety protocols and using information technology sources.  

The articulation of alliances with health facilities has been a big strength of the project, which was able to train 264 volunteer leaders in 44 communities of Lima and Huancavelica. We were able to implement as well mobile stations for hand-washing so as to prevent the spread of the germ, including Coronavirus. We have distributed 2200 basic generic anti-inflammatory drug kits. With these measures we were able to benefit 2200 families and, at Food for the Hungry we motivate and encourage the work of our health partners who face a higher risk of exposure to the illness. 

We feel proud of contributing to people’s health through community preventive massive actions. We reaffirm our compromise to look after the health and integrity of communities where we intervene, as part of our early recovery 2021 plan, and to struggle every day to mitigate risks of Coronavirus infection. 

We keep making efforts and we will involve more hands and solidary hearts…

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