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Historia 4

Learning for development

She is Lucía

‘I am Lucía from the community of Yanaccollpa in Huancavelica and I have two children that are the blessings of my life. I’m currently taking part in the project ‘Health’ of FH Peru and I participate in it as a volunteer of the cascade group.’ 

Lucía has been facing challenges in her life and she has acquired new learnings and experiences which have contributed to her development for a better future.

Get to know her story!

In the middle of difficulties, a light of hope

Before taking part in FH Peru, Lucía didn’t know the importance of food for her children’s growth. Carbohydrates such as potatoes and cereals were the most consumed foods by her family; on the contrary, vegetables, fruits and meats such as liver were the least eaten at home. “I did not know the nutritional value of foods”.  

As time went by, Lucía noticed that her children were losing weight and had a short height for their ages. This situation started to be a concern for her family. The doctor from the health care center said it was “Anemia” to explain the condition of, not only her children, but also of many other children in the community.  

In the middle of this reality, Food for the Hungry Peru (FH Peru) started to implement development projects in the community of Yanaccollpa. One of them was the project “Fighting against Anemia and Malnutrition” where Lucía took part as volunteer of the cascade group, and she was trained in healthy eating habits, food groups, food handling and anemia prevention. From the experience with FH Peru, the path of hope for the improvement in the health of her family began to come true. 

Learning for development

Lucía learned to make typical dishes with foods rich in iron, which gradually became part of the daily food of her family, thus contributing to the prevention of her children’s anemia. “Now I always cook with three types of foods. No matter how simple the dish is, we eat boiled potatoes with salad and a portion of egg or meat”.


In the same way, the economic factor was a constraint for Lucía since she could not afford to buy fresh and varied green vegetables. However, the situation changed with the presence of the FH Peru project called “Livelihoods” in her community, because they helped her implement a dark green vegetable garden with iron so as to have vegetables available for her consumption. Besides, technical trainings were given for the improvement of sowing and gradual production of leafy vegetables. Lucía and her neighbors internalized the new knowledge and they began to put it into practice. In this way, Lucía’s experience with FH Peru in Yanaccollpa, Huancavelica, transformed the eating habits of her family. Now they eat healthy food, and anemia is part of the past.   

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