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Fruits of my land. Family vegetable gardens for development.

She is Jenifer

A determined woman from the community of Huando in Huancavelica, who takes part in Food for the Hungry (FH Peru) since 2019. In the last two years, together with FH Peru, Jenifer added to her life many lessons for her family as well as for her community. Get to know her story!

Challenges to transform

Before FH Peru intervened in Jenifer’s community, it was very difficult to get food. This affected her health as well as that of her daughter Sharpey, a very cheerful and hardworking child. Sharpey’s health was affected since she was diagnosed with anemia. Jenifer couldn’t find more food to improve her daughter’s health, as the community market didn’t have much variety of vegetables, and having money to buy was also a limit.     

Act, trust and share the way of life

Jenifer recognizes that feeling able to act is the beginning to build positive development in the community. She is a role model for that. She is a determined woman who trusted in FH Peru’s support for the implementation of family vegetable gardens that could facilitate the access to healthy and nutritious foods. Jenifer has the fruits of the harvest and is very happy with the results, but social transformation does not end there. She is very thankful to share foods with those in need in her community. “Thank FH Peru I learned to think not only of me, but also of others so I can help them”. 

Family vegetable gardens for development 

In the community of Mrs. Jenifer, FH Peru has trained many families in issues about the implementation of family vegetable gardens so they could have access to nutritious foods that combat anemia. Thanks to this initiative of the project ‘Livelihoods’ Jenifer’s daughter improved her health. Now, anemia and the lack of foods at home are a thing of the past. Based on her experience with family vegetable gardens, Mrs. Jenifer and her family can now stock up on foods such as pepper, zucchini, golden berry, lettuce, chard, celery, carrot, among others. The development of a healthy life through nutritious foods is a reality in her community. ‘Now when food is needed, we get it from my vegetable garden and we all help maintain it. I have learned to look after my vegetable garden so it can give more fruits and I can feed my family with healthy foods’.

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