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Historia 3

Free-of-Violence Households

She is Ana

Ana lives in San Juan de Miraflores and is a single mother who works with so much effort to help her children prosper. Her experience with Food for the Hungry Peru started in the year 2018 and since then Mrs. Ana has participated in many activities which have helped her grow as a person and as a mother. Learn more about her story!

On the way to healthy relationships

There were many needs at Ana’s home. Therefore, she was working all day long to be able to help her children. She felt the pressure to support her family on her own and that made her feel bad. She was burdened by financial problems, by her physical health and also because she could not spend time with her children. All this frustration was often expressed against her children with physical or verbal maltreatment. “We were enemies of our children. I corrected them with shouts and negative words”. 

When FH started to work in her community, Mrs. Ana decided to participate as a volunteer in the “Violence Prevention” project. That’s how she took part in the training sessions for community leaders, psychological talks on healthy parenting, and parades against violence, among others. Besides, as part of the project, the volunteers began to address community problems such as domestic violence. 

As time went by, Mrs. Ana realized that the way she treated her children was hurting them, and she needed to change her attitude. She also admitted that it was not easy for her because her parents had raised her that way and it was difficult for her to act differently. However, when experiencing the activities with FH Peru she felt: “healthy, free, safe, and without fear of anything”. She began to put into practice what she was learning and started to feel able to face her problems and improve her relationship with her children. 

In this way, FH Peru came to her community to transform her life, helping her to improve as a person and as a mother in positive parenting with her children. She knew in depth the importance of values such as love, discipline, and communication to maintain healthy relationships in her family.

Free-of-Violence Households

Mrs. Ana learned to treat her children with love and respect, but especially without violence. Even before taking part in FH Peru, her youngest daughter used to be silent and shy, but nowadays with the help of her mom, her self-esteem has improved. She feels secure and self-confident, and trusts her family. Now there’s a healthy living-together in their home. 

Ana feels happy because thanks to her experience with FH Peru she learned that there can be problems in life, but what is important at the end is the attitude you have to face problems. Her life has changed and she has many dreams to fulfil for her, for her family and for all her community. “I thank Food for the Hungry for coming to improve my life and for all their help and support given to my community”.

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