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Education does not stop

Due to Coronavirus, the pandemic has obliged students to migrate to a virtual environment, which brings lots of advantages but at the same time it generates lots of difficulties that we need to solve. That was the reason why the Peruvian government implemented distance education through the program “Learning at home”, addressed to those children and adolescents in school stage.

However, what happens with those who don’t have a gadget to access their virtual education?

Unfortunately, they drop out and lose the school year. Food for the Hungry in Peru aims at promoting school return for children and adolescents of the communities of Lima and Huancavelica where we intervene, however, this labor would not be possible without the support of all participants and partners with whom we have been working on the education project. 

One fundamental aspect for the success of the project has been and will continue to be the implementation of the educational spaces within homes, by implementing devices that allow them to access their online lessons. Therefore, we have distributed up to date more than 369 Tablets and 120 TVs. At the same time, we have distributed over 200 educational kits that contained chairs, tables and whiteboards, plus more than 6000 study kits that contained pencils, pens, notebooks, crayons, among others. 

Another important aspect is the accompaniment of parents, mothers and caregivers in the education of children, playing a more leading and closer role. Therefore, we give them training sessions and strengthen their compromise to effectively develop this important labor.   

For our strategies to be comprehensive and to be able to reduce school dropout, it is necessary to address a direct work with children and adolescents who represent the highest dropout index in their education process. To counteract this index, we have been working on the importance of the development of socio-affective skills such as motivation, decision making, and educational continuity. In the same way, we try to strengthen children and adolescents’ learning through the implementation of study environments by promoting reading habits through the formation of clubs. 

Our strategies also contemplate stress reduction in children and adolescents within the framework of Covid-19. To solve this problem, we run workshops on emotional containment that aim to strengthen the capacities and practices of help and accompaniment of parents and/or caregivers towards their children in the face of an event of stress or situation of emotional crisis that minors may face.  

Our efforts are supported by the monitoring we frequently carry out, which allows us to know first-hand the impact that our actions are having on project participants.  

We remain firm in our commitment with education and school return in this distance education stage. For that reason, we will keep articulating our efforts with public and private, national and international institutions to contribute with education and together end school dropout. 

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