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Historia 2

Building a better future

She is María

María lives in Llalas, Huancavelica, with her son, her husband and her father. Her son named Enrique is a very cheerful and responsible child. He is 10 years old. But given the different needs at María’s home, it was difficult for them to have enough food, therefore, her family’s main concern was the health of her son who was at risk of anemia. Despite the difficulties, María always hoped that the situation at home would improve… and indeed it did. Learn more about her story!


It was very difficult for María’s family to have access to different foods as the market was far away from their home. María needed to get spinach and beets to avoid the risk of anemia in her son, but many times when she arrived at the market, she could no longer find what she was looking for.  

Despite the efforts to get some foods, they were not enough because she did not have enough money to spend. The doctors from the health care center told her that if her son did not improve his diet, he could have anemia and that would affect his school performance. This situation made her sad. 

Embracing changes for a better future

Mrs. María said that when Food for the Hungry Peru came to her community it was a complete change. Her father and other local authorities accepted FH Peru’s labor in their community. In that sense, people embraced with hope and expectation FH’s work with leaders, mothers and children, because it was necessary.  

In 2015 FH started implementing their activities to strengthen her community and build together with them the foundations for their development. One of the projects that was developed was ‘Livelihoods’, whose objective is to improve the access to foods for vulnerable families. Mrs. María took part in this project and she was trained in family vegetable gardens, healthy diet and nutrition.

Learnings for a healthy diet

One of the goals of the project “Livelihoods” is to improve the family’s agricultural production for food security through the implementation of vegetable gardens. Therefore, training sessions and technical assistance were given. Both Mrs. María and other people in the community were able to build their family vegetable garden in their homes. That’s how families were able to plant their own vegetables. “Thanks to FH Peru and to facilitator Gustavo Rojas, my vegetable garden is beautiful, has a good production and is well protected.”

As planting production was ready, María’s family was able to enjoy foods such as lettuce, chard, spinach, radishes, beets and onions. Now a healthy diet will be a real practice for them so that her son and family can be in good health. “My son was running the risk of anemia, but now not anymore. He has overcome that problem. FH has taught us to feed our children in the right way, and the malnutrition index has decreased”.

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